Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap
Artisan Soap

Bits & Pieces - Artisan Soap

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Bits and Pieces is a product that offers a unique solution for using up small leftover soap pieces in a practical and enjoyable way. It consists of a collection of assorted soap pieces in a variety of scents, packaged in a bag. Each soap piece is typically small in size, but collectively they offer a diverse range of fragrances.

The Bits and Pieces bag is perfect for those who don't like to waste anything and are always looking for ways to reuse and repurpose materials. These bars are also ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with different fragrances and scents, as the bag contains a variety of soap pieces with different aromas.

To use the soap pieces, simply take one or a few pieces and lather them up in your hands or a washcloth. The soap pieces can be used for handwashing, body washing, or even as a fragrant addition to a relaxing bath. The small size of the soap pieces also makes them perfect for travel, as they take up very little space in a toiletry bag and are also perfect for little hands.

Each bag comes with approximately 6oz of assorted soap cuts (6-8 pieces per bag). Soaps ARE NOT individually labeled.

Our Artisan Soaps are handcrafted with high quality ingredients specifically chosen to ensure a hard, long lasting and cleansing bar of soap. Handmade in small batches at our soap studio in Connecticut, these bars are individually cut by hand.

When properly taken care of, handmade soap can last sometimes longer than commercial soaps. We recommend you keep your soap bar in a dry, ventilated area and allow the water to fully drain after each use.

Since all of our soap is handcrafted and handmade, we do our best to describe and photograph its physical qualities. The soap you receive may not look exactly like the one in the picture but that is because every bar of soap is very unique in it being specially handmade and hand cut.

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Vanessa G.
United States

Love the bits & pieces.

I really enjoy these soaps. I love the variety, I order two bags and It seems like they each had different soaps to try! They smell so good too!

Stephanie B.
United States United States

Absolute perfection!

I ordered 6bags of the bits and pieces for teacher gifts. I like to start stocking a few things early. When they arrived, they were packaged really well and everything was so cute! The smell was wonderful and all the colors in each bag…so cute! I can’t wait to give these out and get more exposure for this amazing soap!!!

Amy l.
United States United States

Little gift to myself

First I want a say how much I loved the package. It was wrapped and so carefully packed that even my postal carrier couldn’t harm the contents. Which I’m fairly sure they do in an attempt to get me to clear out my box more often. (My bad, not theirs, but stuff does get damaged). It arrived very much like a gift was sent to me by a friend. So, the other day I was out an about and needed to use a public restroom. They were out of soap. Durning this “global situation” I’ve become a bit overzealous in my hand washing so this was *not at all okay* and decided then and there to carry soap on me. I am so happy with this bag, it has bars that are small enough that if (when) I need to use a public restroom while out and about I won’t feel bad leaving the little bit that’s left, but also big enough that I don’t have to worry about having enough. I plan on cutting each mini bar in half, and shoving two in my purse. I’ll never be without soap in a public bathroom again.

Lisa K.
United States United States

Love this!

We have not had a chance to use all of the different scent variations, but so far love all the ones we have tried! So happy with our purchase. Even my kids are using it!! Ready to pick more up as Christmas gifts.

Erika V.
United States United States

I loved buying this presentation, where at a cheap price I get several soaps with different fragrances and design.

NathSoap is made by hand, in a very creative way, it awakens all my senses, it is a creamy soap, my skin feels hydrated and with a rich smell. I loved it. The delivery surprised me, it arrived in a super decorated box, with many details.